Ciutadella Antiga

The web page of Ciutadella Antiga, an open shopping center.
It's an interactive space where you can get information about associated shops and their productes, services, activities, and much more.

Fortalesa de la Mola

The fortress of Isabel II, placed at La Mola, in the Maó's harbour, were build between 1848 and 1875. The historic frame of the fortress becomes a fundamental part of the Menorca's patrimony. It offers a unique environment for make cultural meetings and bussiness or social acts.

Ajuntament Ciutadella

At the Ciutadella de Menorca town's council's web page you will find information about the government and about questions related to the society. There are also interesting phone numbers.

La Nasa

Take a look at Menorca Island from the sky and see if it's going to rain. The images are updated periodically. You can also choose wich satellite you want to use.