The word photography means “paint with the light”. It comes from the greek photos, light, and grape, writing. The photography is the technique of printing fixed images on a light sensible surface. It's considered as the 8th art. Nearly to 200 years of their birth and thanks to new technologies, the photography is consolidated as an art. The art is the application of the ability and taste to the production of a work. At Nou Digital we present you the photography on canvas, silk, watercolor or paper.

Low price works of our photographies reproduced on a canvas and built over a frame, ready to hang. Another option: do you want to be the author of your picture? Give us your travel, family, sport, hobby, etc. photo and we will make you a picture at your preferred sizing. Dou you want an artist like Velasco or Picasso picture reproduction? Completely legal, at your preferred sizing, with incredible low prices, it's Nou Digital!.

We are exclusive distributors of the Art On Demand service in Menorca, You can buy the picture through our web page or at our shop, and you get it only an hour! With frame 48 hours.

Gallery of actual pictures: