Art On Demand


Art on Demand is a system that provides to the client the possibility to get an artist, photographer or editor work of his taste with only twice clicks.


· The client does a selection of the painting from a big and wide catalog.
· He choose the sizing of his picture.
· Then he choose the kind of material or surface where the picture will be printed, according to his needs.
· The last point consist in ordering the product with just one click. At this moment the document is transmitted to Nou Digital and printed, so the client can go there to get the printing.


The Art On Demand service is available on the internet or at the shops that offers this service. For these reason we want you to have this service from your home, you only have to access to our web page, , click on Art On Demand link and then follow the simple steps explained above. Then come to Nou Digital and your picture will be waiting for you, it's so easy.

Moreover, if you buy a picture before 31th September, the frame and assembly will be free of charge!

Don't wait more, take a look to the catalog!:


Art On Demand