Ciutadella de Menorca


Ciutadella is the western town of Menorca Island. Placed at 39° 59′ 56″ N latitude and 03° 50′ 13″ E longitude, it has a population around 30.000 habitants with a surface equivalent to 186 km2. This town have a big history in which antique traditions are present along years. One of the most popular tradition is the Sant Joan festivities, where popular events, horse games and other acts are prolongated for more of three days and where the festivity is lived by all the people. Ciutadella de Menorca has a lot of very interesting prehistory architectonic monuments, like Sa naveta d'es Tudons, or the world-around famous Taules. Ciutadella also has a lot of virgin beaches and a very appreciated natural harbour.

Es castellà

The canvas is a cloth usually made of linen or cotton that's used by the artists to paint on their works. The thecnique of “on canvas photography” consists on printing a photography over a material of these characteristics, getting professional results.


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Invention begins by identifying a need

The National Gallery in London houses one of the largest collections of paintings in the world. When a visitor wishes to buy a poster as a souvenir of his visit, his choice is limited to about 5% of the collection, consisting of prints made by the traditional offset litho method.

As a result of this need to be able to reproduce a larger proportion of the collection, an initiative, begun in collaboration with the National Gallery, resulted in the original Print on Demand system, which was the precursor to the present system described below.





Watercolor paper

Hahnemühle watercolour paper - soft woven matte paper. Does not contain acid and has a 50% fabric content. Provides a natural white finish and is ideal for art reproductions.


Silk fabric

Satinised silk fabric on a paper backing - the weave is 100% silk from China. Perfect for fashionable interior design and plastic textile, flags, signage and presentation textiles.



Ideal for art reproductions, based on elastic cotton. It has a special covering for receiving ink that protects the surface from cracks and makes the paper water resistant.


Semi-satinised photographic paper

Semi-satinised photographic paper which has the appearance, feel and performance of professional photographic prints.


Through the contracts that Art on Demand has signed with various important image banks around the world and also directly with diverse artists, the management of the copyright to any work that is printed using the Art on Demand system is carried out by ourselves directly and securely, paying royalties via the internet.


Thousands of images

The Art on Demand system provides the opportunity of having thousands of images available which include practically all the works of the classical and contemporary great masters: Beato Angélico, Botticelli, Velázquez, Goya, Van Gogh, Sorolla, etc.